We operate globally with-in the field of marine and off-shore industry.


Lejos has a staff of responsibility confident and skilled electricians with experience in marine and offshore industry, whom we on short-term contracts to support our customers' own project organization.

We have since the beginning of year 2008 experienced a need from our customers on such services, where real-employment is not the solution


The reasons to use temporary work assignments may be among the following reasons:


  • A specific project that requires temporary external supply of labor

  • The project's lifetime is short
  • Work stress is large in a relatively short period of time
  • Lack of temporary skills
  • Temporary absence of own employees (maternity leave, etc.)
  • Employees have terminated their employment


Lejos operates globally, and our team of employees are used to fulfill their responsibilities in different cultures and conditions, and it is therefore natural for our employees to work at all levels of our clients' organizations..


Our staff speaks at least either Danish, German or English.


Contact us for an informal dialogue on prices and what we can offer your organization.

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